Belt Ranks

Promotion tests are typically scheduled every three months. Students can test for their next rank at the discretion of the instructor. Students wear a belt (obi) that indicates rank according to the standard system adopted by Connecticut Kyokushin Karate. The lower ranks (mudansha) of Kyu or non-black belt holders are divided into the following colors: white, red, blue, yellow, green and brown. The upper ten ranks (yudansha) of Dan have the holders wearing the black belt.

 Kyokushin Belt Ranks

white belt
white belt with stripe
10th Kyu red belt
9th Kyu red belt with stripe
8th Kyu blue belt
7th Kyu blue belt with stripe
6th Kyu yellow belt
5th Kyu yellow belt with stripe
4th Kyu green belt
3rd Kyu green belt with stripe
2nd Kyu brown belt
1st Kyu brown belt with stripe
Shodan black belt beginner grade
Nidan black belt 2nd degree
Sandan black belt 3rd degree (Sensei grade)