First Belt Testing at New Dojo a Great Success!

Wow! We just finished our first belt testing at the new dojo. While this is a nice milestone for us, a physical dojo does not make the test. It is the people and their spirit that make the day special and we had plenty of both. Everyone made this a great day for each other… since expending your energy is also lending your energy.

Two senior students were presenting themselves for review today. Both displayed great determination, focus, and spirit. Their effort and perseverance were palpable. It was a great opportunity for all students to witness what is possible given patience and hard work.

I am very proud of everyone. As we have seen, every belt here is earned and can be worn with pride. If someone isn’t ready for their next belt, they might feel disappointment. However, they can take heart in knowing that the belt they have is truly deserved. When they do reach the next level, they can feel an honest sense of accomplishment. This is how real self-respect is developed.