Fighting Fit for Women

Get your boxing gloves on and prepare for a fun, strength-building, stress-relieving fitness class, designed to work the whole body.

Come for a great sweat, challenging workout, and leave with a calm mind, stronger body, feeling happy and accomplished!

What to Expect

We’ll cover boxing drills, kickboxing, cardio, and core for a high energy workout that will tone, improve agility, and blast calories. Our 45-60 minute workout consists of:

  • Warm-up exercises and Instruction
  • Five 5-minute drill rounds with rests
  • Cool-down and Meditation

What to Bring

  • Water Bottle
  • Boxing Gloves (Purchase Available)
  • Mask for Waiting Area (Entry/Exit)
  • Wear Athletic Clothing

Can I Do This?


All fitness and experience levels are welcome. Classes and exercises are tailored to your individual capabilities and needs.

Classes and environment are geared towards women ages 16 and older.

Schedule and Price

We will be offering this class initially on Friday nights 7:00 PM starting July 31st, 2020. Spaces are limited to allow for distancing.

$89 per Month.

FREE boxing gloves while supplies last! (Use code “FITGLOVES“).