We are excited to announce our phased reopening beginning on Monday, June 22nd in accordance with State of Connecticut guidelines. 

We want to share some of the measures we will have in place to make sure the return to our school for in-person instruction is safe and enjoyable. We continue to monitor State guidelines and will provide updates accordingly.

First, we want to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe to return. To that end, we will continue to provide remote online-based training during this transition phase.

Initial in-person training will be modified to fit the profile of lower risk activity as defined by the State of Connecticut. This includes changes such as the elimination of the use of equipment, elimination of partner training, reduced class size, and distancing.

Measures we are taking for in-person instruction include procedures, practices, and guidelines for instructors, students, and guests.

New Schedule

  • In-person training will be by appointment and an online sign-up sheet will be posted.
  • Training will be offered via online streaming as well (Zoom)
  • Young Lions and Kyokushin students will be scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Little Dragons students will be scheduled on Fridays

In Person Procedures

  • Self-Screening. Please stay home if exhibiting any symptoms or not feeling well
  • Please wear masks in reception and waiting area
  • Students arrive in uniform to avoid clustering near bathroom and changing rooms
  • Students wear mask and carry water bottle into dojo to distanced training positions
  • Students may train without masks in distanced positions
  • Water and masks will be kept with students to prevent clustering during water breaks.
  • Masks will be worn when exiting the training area when distancing is harder to maintain.
  • Reduced class size limited to allow for extra distancing. (Classes by appointment)
  • No training equipment will be used
  • No partner exercises
  • Waiting room limited to 9 distanced chairs (Please limit to one guardian per student training)
  • Those in high-risk groups should continue to stay safe and train from home.
  • Increased ventilation
  • Increased time between classes for entry/exit
  • Touchless check-in: Instructor will mark attendance

Plan for Future

Currently the State of Connecticut has indicated that “higher risk” activities such as contact sports will be postponed indefinitely (as of July 29, 2020). Our plan is to continue a transition to more in-person training, and partner training when appropriate based on your feedback and new guidelines.