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Be Strong. Belong.

Welcome to Connecticut Budo Karate. We are dedicated to cultivating a lifelong journey of self-discovery, discipline, and physical well-being through the art of Kyokushin Karate.

Whether you’re a beginner stepping onto the mat for the first time or an experienced martial artist seeking a place to practice and refine your skills, our team is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Join us to embark on an extraordinary journey that transcends kicks and punches, to discover the deeper values of Karate such as integrity, respect, and perseverance. Explore our range of classes and programs tailored for all ages and skill levels. The path to mastering Karate and yourself begins here.

Be Healthy

If you want to feel better, have more energy, and perhaps even live longer, consider the health benefits of karate training.

Be Strong

You don’t need to be strong to start. We’ll make you strong.

Be Safe

Karate is for life. It benefits and enhances one’s life. Most importantly, and most seriously, it is a life-preservation art.


In addition to the all of the benefits that karate training bestows, one more gift might be the most valuable.


Kyokushin Adults

(Ages 15 and Up)

Adults can enroll in the Kyokushin Karate program and learn the full syllabus of this Japanese martial art. Practice includes the three elements of traditional karate training: kihon (basic techniques), kata (forms), and kumite (fighting). Specialty classes dedicated to kata, fighting, and self-defense further enhance our Kyokushin Karate program. For those interested in competitive fighting, opportunities are available from light contact formats all the way to bare-knuckle full-contact knockdown fights. Interested students can work towards competing at any level. A path for progression is available for adults that are not interested in full-contact fighting competition.

The physical demands of karate training help develop cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Great benefits are found for the mind as well — as karate helps relieve stress, increases focus and awareness, and develops a resilient and unshaken spirit. Classes are available for Adults and Juniors to train together so that family members can spend quality time with each other. Adult-only classes are offered as well.

  • Develop cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Relieve stress, clear your mind, and renew your spirit.
  • Classes are available for mixed ages. Train as a family and strengthen bonds.

Kyokushin Juniors

(Ages 8 – 14)

The Kyokushin Juniors curriculum includes all of the concepts in our younger programs, but presented in a manner commensurate with the student age range. Having separate classes for these students allows us to focus on the needs of the children more closely. The curriculum is Kyokushin karate slightly modified to increase safety. The Juniors learn the same sets of basic techniques, combinations, and forms as the adult karate classes. However, fighting and sparring is done in a very controlled manner with younger students only fighting with instructors (and not with each other) until the student is comfortable and ready.

  • A rigorous program that develops self-discipline
  • Stay physically fit and build heathy habits.
  • Gain confidence, sharpen focus, and develop perseverance.
  • Make good friends.

Young Lions

(Ages 5-7)

The Young Lions program shares the benefits of the Little Dragons but begins to include more complex karate techniques and advanced concepts.  Aside from fun physical activity, themed discussion sprinkled throughout the training and games address concepts such as personal responsibility, self-control, patience, respect for self and others, and a positive attitude.   These, among other things are constantly reinforced throughout the training.  We also start to introduce safety concepts such as “Stranger Danger,” 911 Emergencies, fire drills, and other strategies to keep them safe without instilling an inordinate sense of fear.

  • Develop healthy habits
  • Learn patience
  • Gain confidence
  • Get strong
  • Have fun!

Little Dragons

(Ages 3-5)

The Little Dragons program is intended for pre-school aged children and consists of age-appropriate physical exercise, games, and safety instruction.  This outstanding program was developed in part by a long-time karate practitioner with expertise in early-childhood education, and is designed to keep children active and engaged in class. This program focuses on improving the child’s concentration, gross motor skills, balance and coordination, and ability to follow instruction. These are all school readiness skills and will benefit students as they transition into school. Consistent feedback and praise, based on real accomplishments, strengthens the child’s self-confidence and reinforces positive behavior.

  • Improve balance, coordination, and agility
  • Work and learn with others
  • Follow instructions and learn self-control
  • Get ready for pre-school and kindergarten
  • Have fun!


Strengthen Those Family Bonds!

Add your family to ours. We’re like family here at the dojo, and we’d like for your family to train with ours. Sure, you’re welcome even if you’re a proud spectator — but it’s extra rewarding to train together. We have lots of relatives getting stronger together and having fun. We’d like to give our extra support by offering great discounts for your kin.

2nd student is 20% off.

3rd student is 30% off.

4th student is 50% off.

Introductory Special


Let’s Get Started!

For $189, a new student can attend any number of classes in a one-month period at our school and comes with a karate uniform!

Keep Going!

Our Young Lions and Kyokushin Karate programs work on a regular tuition basis.

Train Multiple
Times a Week
  • *Pay Annually and get
  • 2 months free!
Train Once a Week
Any Day

*Pay Annually and get
2 months free!

Little Dragons

10-week sessions run throughout the year and cost $300 per session.

Other Fees

For the Kyokushin karate program, ages 8-Adults, there are promotion fees whenever a student attains a new belt. These fees range from $40-$80 for color belts depending on the belt level.

Contact us!

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