Strengthen Those Family Bonds!

Add your family to ours. We’re like family here at the dojo, and we’d like for your family to train with ours. Sure, you’re welcome even if you’re a proud spectator — but it’s extra rewarding to train together. We have lots of relatives getting stronger together and having fun. We’d like to give our extra support by offering great discounts for your kin.

2nd student is 20% off.

3rd student is 30% off.

4th student is 50% off.

Introductory Special


Let’s Get Started!

For $189, a new student can attend any number of classes in a one-month period at our school and comes with a karate uniform!

Keep Going!

Our Young Lions and Kyokushin Karate programs work on a regular tuition basis.

Train Multiple
Times a Week
  • *Pay Annually and get
  • 2 months free!
Train Once a Week
Any Day

Little Dragons

10-week sessions run throughout the year and cost $300 per session.

Other Fees

For the Kyokushin karate program, ages 8-Adults, there are promotion fees whenever a student attains a new belt. These fees range from $40-$80 for color belts depending on the belt level.